My name is Jennifer Moore, and I am the Receptionist here at HealthMarkets. I had the great privilege of becoming involved with the Toys for Tots program when I started in April. Since then, HealthMarkets has had one great activity after another, and it’s been a great year for Toys for Tots! Raising money for this great cause, being on the Toys for Tots Committee, and getting to know everyone in all of the different departments has been so much fun.

Popcorn Success

HealthMarkets employees sure do love their popcorn! We raised $636 on popcorn sales this year! But of course, no one makes delicious popcorn like Belinda and I, so I can understand why everyone wants it all the time! Making the lobby smell like a movie theater, having the FedEx & UPS drivers buying boxes every day when they come to make a delivery, and having employees say they can smell it outside is pretty awesome. Maybe I’ll make some tomorrow!


Everyone knows we have been doing a Chance-to-Win every month, which has been really fun! During our Committee meetings, we decide on a department to sponsor the “basket,” and that department provides all of the goodies that you can win. You never know what you’re going to get in these fun baskets, and it’s exciting getting to see what everyone has picked out. I love getting to put it all together and talk to everyone as they come to buy tickets! It’s also how I’ve managed to learn everyone’s name!

Philanthropic Fun and Toys-R-Us

On November 18th, Christy and I were fortunate enough to go to Toys-R-Us to shop for Toys-for-Tots. They opened the store early for the two of us, as well as a handful of marines, Mike Doocy, and Geoffrey the Giraffe. It was like Supermarket Sweep! We had tons of fun running through the aisles grabbing toys off the shelves, putting them in baskets, and running them back up to the front to be checked out. When we got done checking out the first time, they said “We need more toys. We didn’t spend enough.” In the end, we spent almost $15,000 in about 2 hours. Wow! So my husband was right. I really can spend thousands in just a few hours!

The Wrap-Up

This year, we have raised $15,538.47 through popcorn sales, chance-to-wins, generous employee payroll deductions, and vendor sales. We will also be donating a $20,000 check from HealthMarkets. I can’t wait for 2016 so that I can help the Toys for Tots account grow even more!


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