There’s no better way to kick off the holiday season of togetherness than to help people in our community get quality, fresh food. This year, HealthMarkets’ food drive supported Community Link in Saginaw—an organization that helps feed families in Northwest Tarrant County.

This was no ordinary food drive where donated goods were just placed in boxes. It was much more exciting! Employees participated in our first ever Can Sculpture Team Challenge where donated canned foods were used to create unique art. Team members from various departments brought in hundreds of canned goods and spent time precisely constructing their sculptures—all for a good cause and some bragging rights too.

Six departments competed, but only three took the top spots for trophy prizes. The competition was all in good fun. But the greater good of supporting Community Link’s mission to help end hunger is what truly warms our hearts.

HealthMarkets Can Sculpture Team Challenge Results

In the end, all the canned sculptures added up to 3,088 pounds of food. We’re very pleased with the overwhelming amount of support employees demonstrated for this year’s food drive. It’s rewarding to know that our contributions will help benefit the lives of many people throughout North Texas.


To show how much your generous donations matter, here’s a look at how Community Link is impacting the community:

  • Provided 1,337,863 pounds of food to families
  • Assisted more than 29,000 individuals
  • Helped 10,008 families
  • 51 percent of people helped were one-income single parents or grandparents raising their grandchildren
  • 25 percent of people helped were senior citizens who were deciding between buying food and paying for healthcare

Community Link partners with the Tarrant Area Food Bank and Tarrant County College to offer a food pantry, community food market, and enrollment assistance for Medicaid and SNAP benefits. Residents of Northwest Tarrant County can get help by working with Community Link volunteers.

If you would like to be a volunteer who supports Community Link’s mission to “alleviate hunger by providing, at no charge, food and personal care items to those in need,” visit To make a donation, please go to or call (817) 847-4554.



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