West Morningside area of Fort Worth

HealthMarkets prides itself on giving back to the community, and actively promotes volunteer activities where employees can participate in projects that improve our community. In addition to promoting and assisting with these events, HealthMarkets also provides employees with paid time off to participate in volunteer activities!

Some of the most popular employee volunteer activities include the work we do with the Trinity Habitat for Humanity and their Build a Home and Preserve a Home projects. These events are great because the experience is extremely hands-on and fulfilling. They provide a chance for us to get out of our offices and get out and help a local family in need.

On May 1, I had the opportunity to do just that with a Build A Home project in the West Morningside area of Fort Worth.

My favorite part of working on a Build a Home project is meeting the homeowners. They are always so excited. The family we were building for this Build was no exception. Their hard work and dedication was obvious since they work full time and then put in their “sweat equity” hours every week so they can have a place that is theirs. It’s humbling to see their joy and pride at owning a home that by most of our standards is quite small. It really gives you perspective on the things most of us complain about every day.

Volunteering with Trinity Habitat for Humanity has impacted our company’s culture in many ways. First and foremost, it serves as a team building event in which employees from all areas of the company work together to achieve a common goal. Spirits are high while working on the project because everyone feels a similar sense of accomplishment, and a shared feeling of pride.

Community events like these foster a company culture centered on not only growth of the company, but also personal growth and giving back to the community. Trinity Habitat for Humanity Build a Home and Preserve a Home projects are priceless experiences that I would recommend to any company or group schedule; I’ll definitely be back again!


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